Alex Mardikian

CEO of ObitX, Inc. and the CMO of Mcig, Inc., which are publicly traded companies concentrated in blockchain and cannabis technology. Mardikian has over twenty years of experience as CEO and Designer of Von Dutch Kustom & Von Dutch Garage; Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, as a partner and owner of 12 licenses of the brands and their sub-categories; The rock legend group The WHO, with exclusive licensing of Quadrophenia personally assigned by Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey; A branding partner to CARO with exclusivity to the GRAMMY Label, an appointment by the Recording Academy™. Alex was also the brand strategist and relations officer for MegaUpload and Kim Dotcom, leveraging consumer and media data, and the transmedia relations with his A-level celebrities for MegaUpload, MegaMovie, MegaClick, MegaBox, Baboom, and N1.

Mardikian also offers an intrinsic role and proven strength in Guerrilla Marketing. His expertise extends to customer loyalty and retention, data mining, aggregation, rewards/deals/incentives platforms, geo-temporal systems, credit card processing theory, merchant services, and program information design. he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering specific to Hydraulics and Fluid Power Technology.

Andrus Nomm

Driving the vision and growth of technical operations and enterprise systems. He oversees and directs technical operations, and is also responsible for developer relations and partnerships, an elemental component to cultivating the connection with our developer community. His background includes extensive experience across a variety of disciplines including the planning and deployment of enterprise infrastructure and systems, team building, massive scale multi-layered data mining, planning and deployment of secure high availability/redundant payment infrastructure, backend services architecture and development, and new technologies testing and deployment. Creator of the advertising network of MegaUpload, media processing cloud services for Megaupload, Megavideo and Megapix. Nomms job was to test and develop new technologies and solutions and integrate them into systems. It is Nomm’s mission to empower developers to solve problems and scale their impact.

Levent Eroysdan
System Administrator

Responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems and servers, uptime, performance, resources, and security of the computers while also managing needs of our users. Eroysdan has twenty years of experience in cross-platform systems administration, analyzing, designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing hardware, software, peripherals, and networks. He leverages his ISP, his problem solving skill set and his understanding of technology to be efficient, friendly and courteous. Levent strives to make technology less complex, reliable and painless.

Keith Wong
International Sales Director

Wong commands the coordination, functional management, and leadership of global sales initiatives in Austral-Asia, Central-Asia, South America and Europe.
His key functions include development and execution of sales strategies, key account management, and management of the global sales team. Wong works in collaboration with the global marketing team to identify and develop marketing initiatives and new customer service opportunities. Most notably, Wong demonstrated his great success in sales for Megaupload where he Increased the monthly sales turnover to US $2M from US $700K.

Justine Bastida
North America Sales Manager

Bastida is a sales manager with over ten years experience in sales, event coordination, client development, and accounting. She specializes in helping business owners compile and analyze financial information in order to develop efficient use of resources and procedures that drive sales goals while building long term relationships with customers. Prior to Obitx, Bastida was regional sales director of mCig where she averaged 60-150K in sales a month while closing several multi-million dollar projects as well. She is a highly results-oriented individual having an uncanny ability to always exceed sales expectations.

Jared Sandoval
Creative Director

Sandoval leads both advertising and marketing, working with designers, artists, copywriters, and sales teams to develop an overall creative vision. With over a decade of design and branding experience as Art Director for DC Berridge/Best Events while simultaneously running his own Design and Branding Firm (with a roster including Penn National Gaming, Amaro Montenegro, Foodbeast, and Skyzone) Sandoval has demonstrated an unmatched ability to establish new and viable visual trends that have long-lasting sustainable effects on any viewer. Sandoval’s work can also be seen across the Southwestern Region of the United States where he creates stunning painted murals.

Jeremy Shirk
Digital Activations

Responsible for online initiatives that leverage audience microtargeting and intent-based strategy, to raise brand awareness and drive immediate leads and sales.

Shirk’s decade of design experience dates back to his beginnings in the NYC Pro-Boxing scene. Since then he has built and produced artwork for, athletes, musicians, actors, comedians, and brands while also having extensive credits in the motion picture industry with films including Grindhouse, The Hitcher, The Return, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, and the Friday Night Lights television series.

Ivan Nyshpor
Motion Graphics Designer

Nysphor specializes in the use of motion design to engage, entitle, and empower across screen and space. He provides the preparation of design plans, concepts, and layouts of all motion graphic projects. Nysphor is a trusted designer who has amassed a sterling record while working for media groups in the Ukraine as well as both ArtistEcard and Plethrons located here in the United States. He approaches every project intelligently being sure to craft it with care.

Nikolchenko Sergei
Webmaster/Frontend developer

Sergei controls and manages all websites under the Obitx umbrella. He makes sure all servers, hardware, and software run correctly and efficiently while simultaneously designing and updating websites, replying to all user comments, and examining traffic and analytics across all sites. He has built a reputation for his proficient use in HTML5/ CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, git, gulp, PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. Sergei comes from the freelance world where he did projects for web-studio RespectDesign and team SlicePlanet.

Jim Hammonds
Android Development Engineer

Designing, Developing, Programming Testing and Implementing the Android Application for Smartphones, Tablet and  Languages::Java 8, J2EE, SQL, C, C++, Python, using the methodologies of SDLC, RUP, Agile (Scrum/Extreme Programming) and JSON Parsing and XML Parsing techniques. Design / Version Control include Rational Clear Case, CVS and Tortoise SVN and PVCS.

Benjamin Martinez
iOS Development Engineer

User Interface applications and designing, integrating with numerous databases and Client-Server applications of iOS using Objective-C, Swift.  Expertise in Application Development for iOS and tvOS platforms with a strong experience on XCode, Interface Builder and Instruments.  iOS Applications, Objective-C, SWIFT, XCode, UIKit, Cocoa Touch programming in Swift, Objective C, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

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