Blockchain Incubator, Venture Builder,
Fund and ICO Accelerator
From groundbreaking technology to products useful to the crypto and Blockchain community now,
we source, build, incubate and accelerate the best projects.

It is our belief that blockchain will prove to be a substantiated change in the way social and business structures work. This incubator has been created to lead entrepreneurs in the building of strong portfolios of blockchain and cryptocurrency related businesses positioned for long-term gains. Our expectation is that it will be a long process to success for many of those companies. We will work to set up any entrepreneurs business with this in mind. By doing so, we follow appropriate legal, technical, and operational structures and controls. A solid operational foundation is a must for any blockchain-related business to thrive. We pride ourselves on being the world leaders at providing guidance to rising businesses while eliminating most causes of startup failure.

It is our promise to use our expertise at company building to turn our blockchain entrepreneurs into software leaders. Our incubated portfolio companies will provide access to a steady stream of new tokens benefiting our investors. This will allow investors to participate in upsides of new offerings as they are vetted, onboarded and come available. Disrupting the status quo to invest in those utilizing blockchain.

Actively Sourcing & Managing
  • AdTech
  • Proptech
  • Marketplaces
  • Kiosk services
  • KYC solutions
  • High risk solutions
  • Blockchain scalability
  • Identity management
  • Community products
  • Crypto education products

We surround ourselves with the most knowledgeable, imaginative, and inventive people. If you believe in the power of the Blockchain and want to do something in the space, we’d love to have you on our team.

Ideas are one thing and plentiful. Execution is what matters most. That is why we invest in motivators, disruptors, and people who inspire us. We’ll do the rest to set you up for success.