OBITX supports the blockchain technology radically transforming how business is conducted - delivering transparency, security, cost savings, and efficiencies at an unprecedented scale.

By investing capital and expertise, we accelerate the development and application of public and private blockchain technologies, including cryptocurrency, smart contracts, decentralized data management and cryptographic security.

Building upon and expand the blockchain's potential and its sustainability through transparent smart contracts, it is our mission to go beyond bringing the knowledge, visionaries, and enthusiasts in the space together. We provide funds with blockchain-specialized resources for building and partnering with viable businesses based on industry and infrastructure, changing products and services.

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& Advisory

& Advisory

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is the act of raising funds by selling coins (crypto tokens) on a blockchain-powered project. Funds are raised in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. A pre-created token can be sold and traded easily across all cryptocurrency exchanges.


A consultancy group assisting with new opportunities and preparing for an Initial Coin Offering. Staffed by professionals to incubate key concepts, build actionable plans and create white papers aligned to the clients business case. This process turns theory into method by expediting investment process into the blockchain ecosystem accelerating the offer.

WHAT are some clients?

An accelerator that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies with a focus on driving innovation in fintech and blockchain, enabling businesses to take advantage of growth opportunities; Assisting clients we believe in.

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The Kryp Network Project (KNP) provides a convenient user-friendly portal for consumers to access the full range of cryptocurrencies via a worldwide network of ATMs. This network of ATMs seamlessly integrates services and functionality by widely implementing five key elements: KrypATM, KrypExchange, KrypCard, KrypCredit, and KrypWallet. The Kryp Network infrastructure creates an ecosystem for a diverse range of financial transactions.


A high-risk payment processing solution aimed to minimize bureaucracy and to build an easy-to-use, fool-proof platform for the masses, Render Payment has developed a reliable, secure, and low-cost merchant service utilizing fiat and cryptocurrencies. Fully integrated merchant processing solutions are offered with online shopping carts and world-leading accounting packages with the goal to use blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to broker new and innovative forms of commerce and trade.

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    targeted relations

    targeted relations

    Ushering in a new era by utilizing the innovation of blockchain technology, PROPTech has successfully replaced the painful points of the real estate process by streamlining it to digital. This conversion eliminates the potential of fraud through smart contracts and electronic signatures, removes third parties increasing the transfer of money to seconds not months, and even improves the process of recording ownership with the land registry. The technological power of this service makes real estate even more provocative and compelling.


    Offering solutions to increase supply chain security for the pharmaceutical industry by leveraging the Blockchain, this platform is an all-inclusive solution to integrating life science researchers, BioPharma, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes. PHARMA SUPPLY looks to increase transparency and coordination in existing supply chain problems. Fixing the issue of incompatible legacy computer systems creates an unmanageable environment for the counterfeit drug market with the potential of saving thousands of lives per year.


    Sustainability of balance offered in both biological and technological ecosystems, the farming and cultivation of hemp coupled with blockchain expands the prospects on both of these exciting industries. HEMP AG BLOCKCHAIN provides a safe source of legal medicine as well as a renewable raw commodity utilized across many industries. In what’s typically known as a murky industry the implementation of blockchain tech into the production, certification, and hemp processing creates transparency in the system allowing consumers to support suppliers they choose.


    A VISA for crypto economics using smartphones instead of bank cards, and mobile operators instead of banks. Our solution is a mobile payments ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology to make payments more convenient, fast, and favorable. CPS reduces the number of payment agents and integrates payments by taking value, adding advantage, and subtracting complexity. Together with operators, CPS will transform a stagnant connectivity into an era of easy financial services with the potential to make the market up to twenty times larger.

    clients & projects

    clients & projects

    Digital Taigan, HQ in Central Asia, is a crypto mining operation of varied currencies having the advantage of a combination of elements including elevation, temperature, internet, and electricity in addition to relations with both municipal and government offices.
    The organization consists of proficient professionals of varying fields who strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. Together they have built numerous crypto mining farms.


    Pay bills and make purchases with your cryptocurrency. The Krypcard™ Mastercard Debit is a revolution in payments and processing. Consumers with the card are given the ability to democratize and liberalize any opportunity. Never open a bank account again, just use our KpypATM™ to fill in an application and get a Krypcard™ Mastercard Debit in seconds. Krypcard™ is a Mastercard compatible technology, making it usable all over the world.

    ALT Junk

    An investment community in the cryptocurrency of alternative coin, alternate coin, and all blockchain projects. We offer a real-time analysis on how to read markets with fresh insights so you can make the best purchase decisions. Any cryptocurrency that came after Bitcoin can be referred to as an altcoin. The first being Namecoin. Now- there are over 1,250 different types of altcoins. Yes- even Ethereum, Ripple and Dash. Alt Junk will guide you in the right direction with all of your altcoin needs.


    Staying up to date with the latest releases, products, news, and crypto business dealings, Crypto Biz Wire incorporates chain experience and crypto expertise to bring a powerful, strategic and cost-smart way to propagate press releases across an array of related industry journals, blogs and news sources in mainstream media.


    Striving to provide useful and transparent information on ICOs in order to help users find ideal projects with tremendous potential for success. COIN CHAIN NEWS helps you find information critical to crowdfunded ICOs. We provide the tools for you to conduct high valued research in order to make the best decision towards appropriate projects. Our algorithm provides a measure of the likely success of any ICO. With this tool, projects are becoming ever more transparent.


    Providing you with market cap, trading volume, trending and tools, COIN CHAIN CAP uses market capitalization to rank relative size of any cryptocurrency. Each calculation is made by multiplying the price by the Circulation Supply. Stay ahead of all things cryptocurrency related so you can make the best decisions about your coin.


    Offering merchants a user-friendly and fully compliant high-risk solution to accept credit and debit cards across traditional Merchant Card Processing networks for Cannabis related Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 sales. Tuero Processing specializes in eCommerce interfaces and gateways offering and ethical payment solution at a competitive rate with Domestic and International solutions.


    Building a transparent, decentralized, and accessible blockchain environment one hire at a time, Coin Chain is creating more than just a need for developers. Now, prominent hires include technical consultants, software engineers, cyber security strategists, project managers, marketers and more. There is a growing need to always be on the lookout for an array of talent across many diverse industries. Come here to find the perfect job in this meteoric blockchain landscape.


    Personalized blockchain news and notifications. Never feel like you are missing out when it comes to monitoring the market or your portfolio again. Always keep an eye on positions, watchlists, and securities with the best website for blockchain investing related articles. Stay informed by registering for this exclusive news service.



    We offer fully compliant and user-friendly software supporting blockchain technology to take your advertising to a hyper-powerful level. Combining the unique characteristics of our four platforms provides you with an unmatched promotional performance for your business. Our self-serve advertising traffic fulfillment network eHESIVE provides full user control of ad campaigns allowing the use of proprietary sticky pools in industry-specific networks dedicated to growing your following. That in conjunction with our email campaign delivery service Marketaro, the sponsored blog posting system and blog advertisement services Blog Certified, and the press release announcement board and distribution through Latest PR. eHESIVE gives you the ability to display your business on more than just websites and mobile apps, but digital billboards in multiple settings around the globe as well. This system truly gets your brand out to those who are most likely to convert. The most exposure is offered for your brand in a simultaneous, targeted, and systemized way.

    Simplicity in a self-serve traffic advertising software for cryptocurrencies and other networks advertising offers for CPM, CPA, CPV, CPL, Auction, Bidding for advertisers, affiliates and agencies serving publishers of multi-medium platforms.


    Campaign manager and broadcast system for blockchain groups tying in advertising units for cryptocurrencies and other networks, marketing offering news, placements, and products. The system supports email harvesting based on keywords.


    Provide the announcement and we get it targeted, circulated and optimized. This press release manager gets optimum exposure across extended and premium networks which include mainstream media, cryptocurrency sectors, finance, and digital investment publications.


    Transmedia blog repository and feed serving sponsored blogs and topic related advertisements and extended content. Specialized feeds include cryptocurrency sectors, submarkets, key figures, and insights powered by blockchain.